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Welcome to Noga Coach!  


Noga Coach services focus on improving group performance, satisfaction, and overall health.  As stress levels elevate with increases in work load and financial quarter deadlines, morale, conduct, and performance often lag when they are needed most.  A Noga Coach motivational speech keeps your office or group happy, healthy, and high performing!


Noga Coach Motivational Speeches Improve Offices and Groups

How to handle stress on the job

    ð Improve focus and performance

 ð Increase productivity

 ð Reduce Absenteeism


Skills for balancing work and life

    ð Increase job satisfaction

    ð Improve punctuality, decrease absenteeism

 ð Enhance communication skills and creativity


How to eat better and live better

    ð Healthier, more motivated

    ð Improve morale

 ð Increase energy and rapport





Motivational speeches by Noga Coach are often paired with individual coaching services for an even better custom fit.  Click here to learn more about Noga Coach services.

With a background in psychology at the graduate level, Noga Sachs specializes in motivation. She has provided both public motivational speeches and health presentations as well as life and health coaching since 2005.  Her educational background and Wellcoach training have equipped her with the knowledge and skills to apply motivational and coaching principles to any and every group, person and situation.

Email noga@nogacoach.com or call (623) 239-DOIT for more information. Illuminate your highest potential!